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Pyronix V2 GSM Sim Card Speech and Text Dialler (FPV2GSMGB)

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Key Features:

  • GSM Sim Card Dialler
  • Voice and SMS
  • 9 Contact Numbers

When your burglar alarm goes off the reality is that in most situations it is ignored. Many people view the alarm siren as a nuisance and do not call the police or bother to investigate. The Pyronix V2 GSM Speech Dialler offers a solution without the need of a PSTN landline.

The Pyronix V2 GSM Speech Dialler is the ideal companion for virtually any alarm control panel as it provides additional protection, rather than relying on the outside bell to attract attention.

The V2 GSM Speech Dialler has the ability to send out alarm voice messages or SMS messages upon an alarm activation – including mobile numbers which enables you, a relative or neighbour to be informed immediately of an intrusion so that the appropriate action may be taken. The diallers may also be used as a normal telephone if required.  Boasting up to 14 inputs and 52 controllable outputs, it’s the ideal solution for customers who would like total control and monitoring of their home or workplace, from anywhere in the world.


  • GSM Sim Card Dialler
  • Full duplex hands free
  • Can be used as a fully operational phone
  • On-board microphone and speaker
  • Remote microphone and speaker outputs
  • Full remote control via DTMF tones
  • Output remote control
  • External antenna
  • Automatic Phone Number Recognition (CLIP)
  • 6 on-board programmable inputs (Expandable to 14)
  • 4 on-board programmable outputs (Expandable to 52)
  • 9 destination phone numbers
  • Voice/SMS messages to each input
  • 256 event memory log, time and date stamped
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