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Hikvision IP Thermal Imaging Bullet 3.1mm (DS-2TD2617B-3/PA)

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Key Features:

  • Accurate temperature detection at 1.5m
  • Temperature range: 30°C to 45°C; temperature accuracy: ±0.5 °C
  • Audio alarm

Hikvision's revolutionary thermal imaging solution offers accurate temperature detection for a wide range of applications. Any object with a temperature above absolute zero emits a detectable amount of radiation. The DS-2TD2617B-3/PA converts IR radiation into grayscale visual values, and matches this to temperature values through an algorithm model.

High accuracy thermal detection cameras can detect elevated skin surface temperatures which may be caused by a fever. This non contact and highly efficient method of detection avoids unnecessary contact and can detect skin temperature in just one second, thus allowing screening of large numbers of people possible.

The DS-2TD2617B-3/PA greatly reduces false alarms with its in built face detection AI, the AI will identify a human face and then identify the temperature within that area, this helps reduce environmental false alarms such as hot drinks or other temperature emitting objects.

Hikvision thermal imaging cameras can be used standalone with the free of charge IVMS-4200 software or can be recorded using I Series NVR’s. When used alongside X series DeepinMind NVR’s, advanced display options and facial recognition can also be achieved.

Power over Ethernet (POE) technology allows both the signal and power to be transferred using a single CAT5E or CAT6E cable. This eliminates the need for additional power cables and power supplies. POE cameras can be used with POE compatible NVR’s or POE network switches.


  • Thermal Detection
  • 3.2mm
  • 160 × 120 resolution in thermal channel, high sensitivity sensor.
  • Accurate temperature detection at 1.5m
  • Temperature range: 30°C to 45°C; temperature accuracy: ±0.5 °C
  • Reliable temperature exception alarm function
  • 3D DNR, image detail enhancement
  • Audio alarm
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More Information
Manufacturer CodeDS-2TD2617B-3/PA
Lens Size3.1mm
Product TypeIP Camera
Night Vision Distance40m